Our Ministries

Passion Ministries is focused in three major areas:

  • Evangelism
  • Church Planting
  • Children’s Ministry

We achieve these ministry goals by providing the following services and camps:

Church Planting

The main emphasis of our work is evangelism and Church planting. By Gods grace Passion Ministries has established 10 Churches.

Technical Camps

These are free motorbike repair and servicing camps. In India it is illegal to do evangelism openly. Through these camps, God has opened a way for the people to come to us. We do these camps in several different places and lots of people come to get their motor bikes or mopeds serviced or repaired and we have a great opportunity to evangelize. We are sharing the whole Gospel with these people.

Mothers of Young Children Program

Simie had started this program with few young mothers but this program has grown and there are few non-Christian ladies who come to this program. In India, the Christian ladies do not have much outlet except going to Church. This program helps these young ladies to interact and share, which helps them grow spiritually.

Childrens’ Ministry

In our C.A.R.E Ministry (Christ’ Answer to Restore the Empty), we work with the poor and disowned children of India. Our doors are open for the street children who have nowhere to go. We help them out with food and clothing. Our goal is to introduce these kids to Christ.


We are there to help disaster victims of floods, drought, earthquake, fire etc. We raise support for the victims of natural calamities.

Evangelizing in Cincinnati

We are working on evangelizing to the Indian community in Cincinnati. As big companies like GE and Proctor & Gamble have hired hundreds of Indians, there is a large number of Indian people in Cincinnati. We are praying to be able to start a Hindi Bible study in the coming years.

Medical Camps

We have free medical camps where patients get diagnosed and are given medications for free. We also give the people information about sanitation and healthy life styles.

Medical Aid
Medical aid is supplied to the poor and needy Christians that are members of a Church.

Blind Ministry
Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are from India. The blind people usually beg on the street to earn their living. The ministry for the blind reaching out to these people with the gospel and also teaching them skills to help them earn their living.

It is only through God that Passion Ministries has accomplished all this. We give all Glory, Honor and Praise to Him.